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KIOSK - Saturday 3pm - 4pm 

Chronique Actualité Opéra

LA MATINALE - Thursday 7.30 am

Chronique Nouveaux Horizons

Since 2019 Sarah has been working on Belgian National Radio MUSIQ3. She has presented baroque concerts and recitals, had a radio column in l'Odyssée and in Transmission.

For the season 2023/24 she will work for LA PREMIERE in Kiosk, where she will present the opera news in Belgian. On Musiq3 she will give light to projects, artists and places that are thinking and creating classical music differently and for new audiences, during La Matinale. 

In her artistic projects she also works on sound design and participatory radio projects : (EINE) WINTERREISE with the COLLECTIF MEUTE and Aix Radio, in collaboration with the FESTIVAL D'AIX EN PROVENCE.



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