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At the confluence of cultures, the Tempus Ensemble mixes genres and navigates from baroque music to traditional music via jazz. The fusion of musical traditions and the use of atypical instruments reveal the modernity of the repertoire approached and underline its topicality. The four musicians themselves write original arrangements of early music, based on improvisation, rhythmic research and the use of impressionistic sound effects. The result is a new and cosmopolitan sound object, where places and times meet.

Created in 2019 by French mezzo Sarah Théry, Polish cellist Kacper Nowak, Tunisian oudist Akram Ben Romdhane and Brazilian percussionist Nyllo Canela, the quartet and winner of Propulse 2021, and has performed in Belgium (Ferme du Biéreau, Flagey, PBA Charleroi, Max Festival, Festival Women Voices) in France and Morocco.

DSC_7500 09 décembre 2019 © Lara Herbinia.jpg
DSC_7549 09 décembre 2019 © Lara Herbini
DSC_7536 09 décembre 2019 © Lara Herbini


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20 APRIL 2024

Founded by Claire Pasquier and Sarah Théry, the COLLECTIF MEUTE develops multidisciplinary, horizontal, committed creations accessible to non-professionals. Collaborative, immersive and participatory works, bringing together artists, citizens and professionals from the cultural, educational, social and health fields.

The COLLECTIF MEUTE questions the paths of creation and the forms of performance so that they are spaces of freedom, co-construction and tools of cohesion. Various formats are thus explored: participatory operas, musical and theatrical impromptu, electro-lyrical performances and in situ installations, using new technologies in immersive sound and visual devices. In this, the COLLECTIF MEUTE contributes to developing access to the performing arts and to classical and contemporary music.

Since 2022, Sarah Théry has been writing and developing (EINE) WINTERREISE, a polymorphous creation around the work of Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert. A collaborative and participatory work conceived and created during a three-year journey in prison centers and psychiatric hospitals in France, Belgium and England. (EINE) WINTERREISE is an opportunity to make the voices of those whose space has shrunk heard, to give civic voice a place of choice in artistic creation. A central question animates artistic research, that of our confinement, intimate or societal, physical or psychological.

In Coproduction with - Opéra de Lille

Stage direction - Claire Pasquier

In collaboration with - Ensemble Pompei, C. Hudziy, C. Giuglaris & N. Bovey


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